Press Pass

We at Press Credential are authorized to issue a press pass or press card to any jounalist who works either full time, part-time or freelance. 

What is a Press Pass?

A press pass is a card that acknowledges and identifies you are a member of the press, which helps get through doors that are typically not granted to the general public. Typically, press passes are issued by a news organization or journalistic entity.

Why Press Credential?

Press Credential offers the industry's lowest price for press passes that are certified by a journalistic authority. Press Credential helps journalists, photographers, reporters, publishers, news agencies, freelancers, contributing bloggers and news correspondents get through some of the toughest barriers and doors.

No matter which membership you choose (Lite at $25 or PRO starting at $45), the accreddited press pass is included. Through your membership, you help support an independent journalistic association which represents the legitimate of journalists, even for those who work part time. Membership includes additional services at no additional charge.

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