Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Press Credential?
A. Press Credential is a service that provides professional press passes and resources to help journalistic professionals to pursue their career and passion.

Q. Why do I need press credentials and a press pass?
A. The job titles "press photographer" and "journalist" are not protected by law in the United States. The First Amendment grants everybody the right to be a journalist, whether you are a citizen journalist or professional journalist. If you work in this field, having a professionally issued press pass by Press Credentialâ„¢ will allow you to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself as a professional right from the start.

Q. What is the membership fee, and what benefits can I expect?
A. Press Credential offers the industry's lowest rate. Membership with costs $45 for 6 months or $75 for the full year. Some of the benefits include:

Q. Do you charge any registration fees?
A. No, you would only pay the membership fee. Most of our competitors do charge an absorbant registration fee but we believe in keeping the barrier of entry open to anybody who wants to pursue their dream in a journalistic field.

Q. Who is eligible to become a member?
A. Press Credential is open to anybody interested in becoming or currently is a journalistic professional such as photographers, journalists, reporters, bloggers, editors, freelancers, correspendants and journalism students.

Q. Why does the press pass have to be reissued after a certain period?
A. This is a measure of protection against forgery or imitation of our credentials, and enables us to ensure the accuracy of information for each member. Each press pass comes with a forgery proof verification identification and scannable QR code that verifies you are an active member.

Q. Are there government issued or official press passes?
A. Press passes are not issued by government agencies but by journalistic associations or entities. There are no government issued or official press passes. Anybody that identifies as a member of the press, whether working full time, part time or as a freelancer, has the right to carry a press pass.

Q. How do I get my press pass?
A. Once you are a member, we will send the press pass digitally along with print instructions. This can be folded and inserted into any standard badge holder.

Q. Does the press credential or press pass offer any legal protection?
A. No. It is your sole responsibility to comply with all laws, rules and regulations within the governing jurisdictions where practice journalism. Please also be mindful, courteous and respectful to anybody you interact with, as a responsible journalistic professional.

Q. What is the certificate of accreditation?
A. The certificate of accreditation is issued by Press Credential, which shows that you are a member. Anybody can partake in journalism. To be accredited with us, you would just need to provide your information and pay the membership.